Free parking on the streets and free admission to Visitors.

1920s era telegraph key and sounder along with 2019 era touchscreen system to let you practice Morse Code and even let you compare your speed to what others have done. Simple enough that anyone can do it.

Historic 1902 Hendersonville Depot filled with artifacts on the walls, in cabinets and outside.

22' x 100' Operating HO Layout inside the Depot. Camera car with live video on wall-mounted TV from train.

Separate Thomas and Emily HO layout that kids can control themselves.

Outside G Scale Layout viewable  year round. (We don't operate on it in bad weather). Caboose-mounted drone camera displaying live video inside the building from the caboose point of view.

1910 1000 pound Steam Engine "Pauline" on Display that has sound, lights and rotating wheels

Friendly members willing to talk to visitors, answer questions and share information

Historic Southern Caboose that visitors can go inside.

Railroad videos showing most times on a big screen with plenty of seating for the weary.

Clean Restrooms



The Apple Valley Model Railroad Club is one of the Top Tourist destinations in Western North Carolina. Our HO layout is located inside the Historic 1902 Hendersonville, N.C. Railroad Depot. It occupies an area of 22’x100’ and has a Western North Carolina setting. Our main yard is Asheville, N.C.  where mainline trains run south to Spartanburg, S.C. and east to Spencer, N.C. At Hickory, N.C., the Carolina and Northwestern railroad departs to an upper level through Lenoir and Mortimer and joins with the W.M. Ritter logging railroad at Edgemont. Our G Scale All-Weather Layout is located outside behind the Depot.

We use a Digital Command Control (DCC) radio system to control the railroads. The tall mountainous scenery has view blocks that makes it necessary for operators to actually walk around and follow their trains as they progress thru the layout. Track signals are installed to help members safely operate their trains.

The scenery is complete but the railroad still requires added details to enhance the overall effect. Visitors can expect to see a wide variety of locomotives and rolling stock as the club has a large collection of equipment. Members also bring their own equipment to run as well. 

There are many aspects of model railroading that involve operation of the railroad and the model trains in a manner that very nearly replicates prototype operations.  Many model railroaders today, including some of our members, are particularly interested in this aspect of the hobby.  Once a month we conduct prototypical operating sessions.

                 What's New?

The Club has a number of exciting projects in process or just completed:

1) Buildings are being changed to replace generic ones with ones that actually existed in each of the modeled towns during the time the layout is set.

2) We now have both a Camera Car and Camera engine working again to display live video on a TV monitor as the car/engine travel the layout. It operates most days we are open. We have a camera car in our outdoor layout also using a caboose-mounted internal drone camera.

3) We have new display cabinets to house artifacts and have a visitor-accessible touchscreen system to provide additional information on all artifacts.

4) The members are working on an HO 3' x 6' detailed layout to be raffled off to the public when completed. Meanwhile, visitors are welcome to watch and ask questions about track, scenery or other aspects of building a layout from scratch.

5) We have a Telegraph Challenge system to let visitors learn about, practice and test their skills on a telegraph key using a nearly hundred year old key and sounder. So simple a child can use it (pre-teens need a member present).

                 Club Donation Policy

The Apple Valley Model Railroad Club would be pleased to accept any donations of scale model railroad equipment. This equipment would be evaluated and used by the Club, sold to members, or sold on eBay or at local Model Railroad shows, with the money collected going toward the maintenance and support of the Apple Valley Model Railroad Layout and maintenance of selected items for the depot.
Note we are not a 501.c3, we are a Not-for Profit Club,  therefore we are not able to give a estimated cost receipt for items donated to the Club nor are donations tax-deductible.
             We thank you in advance for your contributions.


Due to the virus outbreak, the Apple Valley Model Railroad Club will be closed to the public until further notice.


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