On the walls of the Depot as well as in cabinets and behind the Depot are numerous artifacts, pictures, paintings and other items related to railroad and Depot history. To help the visitor learn the history of a particular item or get other information about it or even see the back side or (like in the case of menus) inside it, we have a touchscreen system that allows the user to visually select any item on display from a menu and get more information on it.  The club owns most of the objects on display except for some photos and pictures which are owned by the City of Hendersonville or are on indefinite loan from club members.

Back wall of Meeting room showing cabinets of artifacts including 1909 Southern Rwy Lomax ticket, turntable controller, menus, Hendersonville passenger schedules and more as well as touchscrren display information system to left.

Back wall of Asheville room showing handmade live steam engine, 1905 "Bing" Engine and numerous photos and documents

Closeup of Touchscreen Display Information System sample page describing a Southern Rwy passenger schedule. Touching a picture will bring up a readable full-size version of it.

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